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Request for Proposals
Request for Porposals
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the RFP. Proposals shall be available for public inspection only after an award has been made. All proposals will be responded to at the earliest time practical.

Any person or entity offering a proposal pursuant hereto acknowledges and agrees that PNCC's Procurement Policy and Regulations are binding on them in this activity.

PNCC RFP 10.108 Scope of Work

1. Act on behalf and as representative of PNCC in seeking submarine fiber optic cable opportunities.
2. Provide reports and updates on work undertaken for PNCC.
3. Develop business case and feasibility study for PNCC and make recommendations in a report on the submarine fiber optic connectivity cable options available. This report/study should include
  • Assessment and recommendations on the routing options available for a submarine fiber optic cable
  • Assessment of projected construction and operating costs associated with submarine fiber optic connectivity cable options available.
  • Assessment of alternative for onward connection from Guam.

4. Provides listed services once selection is made:

  • Recommendation and preparation of funding submission
  • Development and issue of RFTs for cable, cable station build/upgrade, environmental study
  • Negotiation of landing party agreements
  • Tender evalaution and contract negotiation
  • Coordinate the performance of environmental study
  • Coordination and negotiation of funding agreement
  • Placement of contracts
  • Consultation during implementation on management of contracts and other provisioning elements
  • Acquisition of permits
  • Negotiation of onward connection
  • Commissioning

5. Term will be for 12 months where a review will be had in the option to extend for another months or the subsequent completion of the submarine fiber cable project.

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